• “Mealtime is a mighty serious business down South.” –Andy Taylor

    Aunt Bee was always known for her cooking, and like Aunt Bee’s kitchen, Mount Airy is a vibrant scene for Southern, mouthwatering cooking. However, Mount Airy’s restaurants are just as varied as the characters in Mayberry. Restaurants in Mount Airy run the gamut from down-home cooking to barbecue, to Asian cuisine to upscale dining.

    If you’re getting hungry...

Dining - Italian

Coppola’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant
692 S Andy Griffith Pkwy #108

Mount Airy NC

Local Phone: (336) 789-8341

Gondola Italian Restaurant
101 W Lebanon St.

Mount Airy NC

Local Phone: (336) 786-7520

Mayberry Take Out

Mount Airy NC

Local Phone: 336-755-8402

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Mazzini’s Italian Restaurant
1521 North Bridge St.

Elkin NC

Local Phone: (336) 526-7400

Pizza Hut
349 N. Andy Griffith Pkwy.

Mount Airy NC

Local Phone: (336) 789-9999

Rigatoni’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant
606 S. Key St.

Pilot Mountain NC

Local Phone: (336) 368-3200

105 W. Main St.

Pilot Mountain NC

Local Phone: (336) 368-2325

TJ’s Zesty Italian
1959 Rockford St.

Mount Airy NC

Local Phone: (336) 789-5151

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